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Failing RED Hydrogen One phone is trying to revive failing 3D video format


We all wanted RED's Hydrogen One to be great. Instead, it turned out to be the arguably the worst tech product of 2018

Even the biggest RED fans like YouTuber Marques Brownlee (better known as "MKBKD") had to declare the Android phone the "bust of the year." 

But despite its disappointment, RED's still charging forward with the phone in 2019, starting with a 3D camera attachment called Lithium.

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RED teased the Lithium 3D camera attachment on Facebook with only a "Big things in the works for next year. Lithium" caption. 

Per Engadget, the 3D camera is made by LucidCam, a company that already makes 360-degree cameras designed for VR, and uses the Hydrogen One as a camera and controller. Read more...

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