13-year-old child with rare brain-eating amoeba opens his eyes: 'We remain hopeful' - Fox News
Aug 09, 2022 45 secs

The family of a 13-old-boy suffering from a rare brain-eating amoeba announced the child had recently opened his eyes.

Caleb Ziegelbauer has been hospitalized for over a month after he visited a beach in Port Charlotte, Florida, in July with his family.

After being rushed to the hospital for a prolonged illness by his parents, doctors believe the cause is a Naegleria fowleri amoeba. .

On July 10, Ziegelbauer began receiving treatment for Naegleria fowleri infection and was placed in a state of hypothermia by doctors. .

Caleb Ziegelbauer has been hospitalized for over a month as he battles the rare and deadly amoeba. .

Prior announcements on the page noted that scans have shown that Ziegelbauer has suffered brain damage

The last update occurred on  August 7th, stating he had just completed the CDC protocol for Naegleria fowleri and will be having surgery Monday morning to fit him with a tracheostomy and feeding tube

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