2 Children Have Been Hospitalized Because of Formula Shortage - The New York Times
May 18, 2022 1 min, 32 secs
A Memphis hospital has treated two children who can’t absorb nutrients properly because of a medical condition and don’t have access to the specific formula they need.

Two children in Tennessee were recently hospitalized because their families could not find the specific formula they need during a nationwide shortage that has grown more acute over the past month, sending parents frantically searching for interim solutions.

He said there had recently been an increase in calls from families whose children have disabilities or medical conditions that require them to be on specific formulas.

The two children hospitalized in Tennessee, whose families have declined to speak with the news media, did not respond well to several other types of formula that Dr.

Corkins said, the children experienced dehydration and diarrhea or had too much output into their ostomy bags.

To find out whether a formula in your home may be affected by the recall, check the lot number on the Abbott website.

If your baby is on special formula, reach out to your doctor’s office: They might have samples in stock.

If your baby is on a special formula for health reasons, check with your pediatrician before switching.

The Department of Health and Human Services has put out an informational sheet with resources to help families find formula.

Corkins’s hospital are working with patients to safely alter formula recipes and perform follow-up examinations and tests on the children, he said.

Many of the most affected children have short bowel syndrome, enzyme defects that affect the way they can break down food, or other intestinal conditions.

Corkins said families unable to find formula should reach out to their pediatricians and closely monitor their children’s health

For now, he said, hospitals around the country will most likely need to take stopgap measures that will not be ideal for children

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