Abigail Zwerner gives first interview about shooting at Richneck Elementary - The Washington Post
Mar 21, 2023 49 secs
Zwerner said she ushered the students out of the classroom and went to get help for herself, but the bullet had collapsed one of her lungs and she was drawing ragged, “raspy” breaths.

Zwerner said she believed her life was saved because the bullet hit her hand before her chest, lessening its impact.

The Newport News School Board ousted its superintendent in the wake of the shooting, and Richneck’s vice principal resigned.

Legal experts said it is unlikely the boy will face criminal charges, because Virginia law presumes a child under 7 cannot form the intent to carry out a crime.

James Ellenson, an attorney for the boy’s family, said previously that the gun was stored on the upper shelf of a closet with a trigger lock, but they don’t know how he got hold of the weapon.

Ellenson said in a statement Tuesday morning that “we are heartened to see all the love and support [Zwerner] has and pray for her continued healing.”



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