Amy Dorris' Trump sexual assault allegation deserves America's full attention
Sep 18, 2020 1 min, 52 secs
Setting aside temporarily the coded racial implications of this position, based on dozens of women's accounts, the president cares far more about the property of businesses than he does the bodily autonomy of women around him.

Based on dozens of women's accounts, the president cares far more about the property of businesses than he does the bodily autonomy of women around him.

But his newest allegation brings the number of women who say they have been assaulted or harassed by Trump to at least 26, which is the size of a major-league baseball active roster and more than the number of people in Trump's Cabinet.

I've run out of ways to explain why it is upsetting that the president of the United States is a man who has been accused of having spent much of his adult life hurting women.

Mitt Romney were so enraged when Trump boasted about the speculative sexual assault of women in the "Access Hollywood" tape, why are they mostly silent now.

We can honor the bravery of women like Amy Dorris by refusing to shrug off her story and treating every new detail with the seriousness and attention it deserves.

At this point, we are all unfortunately literate in the language and unique predatory tactics Donald Trump is alleged to have employed around women — because, for one, he described those tactics in detail.

The photographs Dorris shared show her and Trump posing for photos surrounded by powerful men like Leonardo DiCaprio, Sean Combs and David Blaine, all of whom declined to comment to The Guardian about her chilling testimony.

You have to do something." Even though Dorris says he was only feet away from the alleged assault of a former girlfriend by a man she says he described to her as his "best friend," Binn strangely claims that he has "no recollection" that anything was amiss.

Barr claims that the man sitting in the Oval Office was "acting within the scope of his office as President of the United States" when he said she was too ugly to assault.

As I've written before, whenever another corroborated and credible accusation about Trump surfaces, he gives yet another master class in how to blame women for the things men do to them.

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