Analysis: Trump's 'least racist' claim falls flat for many. Yet his campaign still holds appeal for some Black men.
Oct 23, 2020 1 min, 22 secs
According to a January Washington Post/Ipsos poll, more than 8-in-10 black Americans believe that Trump is a racist.

But the Trump campaign isn't without a strategy.

According to Theodore Johnson, a senior fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice, where he studies the role of race in electoral politics, figures such as Walker and 50 Cent share a few meaningful characteristics.

"If you're a Republican presidential candidate, you recognize that most Black people aren't going to vote for you.

While in recent years the President has become a target on tracks, previously, he was something of an avatar of wealth, a name that Black male rappers dropped to boast about their fortunes.

"From broke to having brokers, my price range is Rover / Now I'm knocking like Jehovah, let me in now, let me in now," Nelly says on his 2000 song "Country Grammar." "Bill Gates, Donald Trump, let me in now."

Far from being a scrub, Nelly on the track is a pioneer, barging into the White boys' club of the ultra-rich and famous.

It's important to underscore that, in all likelihood, Trump will win no more than about 15% of votes from Black men, because most will back Biden.

Indeed, when it comes to loyalty to the Democratic Party, Black men are second only to Black women.

Still, as the political scientist Melanye Price wrote last week over at The Grio, that the Trump campaign is attempting to capture Black male support at all speaks to how "close victories are never about majorities, but the potential of small groups in important states to shape national results."

Price added that "the power of this siphoning strategy is surgical.

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