Apple Watch overheats on customer’s wrist before blowing up and prompting ER visit - 9to5Mac
Oct 05, 2022 53 secs

An Apple Watch Series 7 user is speaking out after their device overheated, started smoking, and eventually exploded.

In a conversation with 9to5Mac, this Apple Watch user explained that he was wearing it when he noticed that it was getting much hotter than usual.

After this, the Apple Watch user said that he immediately called Apple Support to explain the situation.

The Apple Watch user woke up to find the Apple Watch even hotter to the touch and the heat had shattered the device’s display.

When the user picked up the Apple Watch to take pictures to send to Apple, it started to immediately make “crackling sounds.” It then “exploded” just as he was throwing it out the window.

He then reached out to Apple again to give an update on the situation.

He declined to sign the document, and instead reached out to 9to5Mac to tell the story.

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Chance is an editor for the entire 9to5 network and covers the latest Apple news for 9to5Mac

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