Ask Amy: 17-year-old grandson still brings his baby blanket, stuffed toy when he visits - OregonLive
Sep 26, 2021 1 min, 20 secs

Dear Amy: My 17-year-old grandson comes to visit us once a year (we live on opposite coasts).

Dear Amy: I live on the East Coast.

Most of my family members live on the West Coast.

Recently I received an email from my cousin’s daughter (we live in the same city), letting me know that my 95-year-old aunt (her grandmother), who resides on the West Coast, has COVID.

However, I didn’t know about her wedding (held on the West Coast).

I was told about it after the fact, and my West Coast cousins let me know that they attended the wedding in person.

I let them know it wasn’t about not being invited to the wedding; it was about not being told about it.

Last Thanksgiving, the daughter of another cousin (who we see more often since they live closer) had a “COVID” wedding.

I let my family know that a Zoom call would have been nice if everyone in the family couldn’t be invited?

I feel now that I no longer have family on the West Coast.

The essential question is do you want to feel that way.

Weddings can be extremely complicated social and family events, and sometimes marrying couples deliberately don’t invite people to their weddings because they don’t want them to feel pressured to go to the trouble and expense to attend.

But some people don’t want to broadcast their weddings, and it is their right to host the wedding that they want to have.

These parents should feel lucky their kids want to hang around them.

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