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The visit will also be shadowed by questions about whether Biden, for all his trans-Atlantic experience, is actually more focused on the rising competitor in Beijing than in old Cold War allies across the pond.

From Friday to Sunday, Biden and his team will attend the G-7 summit of the leading industrial nations, an international spectacle crammed into the small Cornish seaside resort of Carbis Bay, in the southwest corner of England.

But Biden has made it clear that he sees the trip more broadly as an opportunity to rally allies behind the cause of liberal democracy in what he considers to be a struggle against the authoritarianism of Chinese President Xi Jinping, a characterization Beijing rejects.

Meanwhile, China has controlled the virus within its borders, its economy is booming this year, and it has sought to improve its image abroad by donating or selling tens of millions of vaccine doses.

Then-President Donald Trump wasn't alone last year when he called it "a very outdated group of countries"; critics have said it is a Cold War relic ill-suited to dealing with the complex problems of the modern world.

"If they don't get it from the United States and from Europe, they're going to look to China and they're going to look to Russia.".

Since Biden was elected, there has been "a dramatic shift in America's international image," Pew said Thursday, with public opinion of both Biden and the U.S.

European experts know that "the U.S.'s strategic focus is not on Europe at all — it's on the bigger, much more complicated game going on with China," said Pothier, who is now a consulting senior fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, a London think tank

"I think it's no exaggeration to say that Friday's G-7 is a life-and-death matter," former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said this week at an event hosted by Chatham House

Having vaccinated large chunks of their own populations, Biden and some of his allies have promised to start donating millions of doses abroad

"After a year when international cooperation failed dismally, we are at a turning point — where history may turn, or it may not," Brown said

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