Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas are the pandemic’s only tabloid celebrities - The Washington Post
Jul 04, 2020 1 min, 47 secs
Even during a global pandemic, Ben Affleck manages to make news.

This time, Affleck’s ubiquitous nature is because of his relationship with Ana de Armas, 32, who just had her breakout year in Hollywood as the star of the hit movie “Knives Out.” The couple (dubbed “BenAna,” which rivals “Bennifer” in the celebrity portmanteau hall of fame) has drawn a curious amount of attention since they started dating earlier this year.

(One time, Affleck carried two gigantic iced coffees that appeared to both be for him.) Lock themselves out of the house.

As much as the mild obsession with them is understandable — two attractive, famous people in a relationship will always make news — the BenAna fascination is also startling.

Though Affleck and de Armas’s publicists did not respond to requests for comment about why the pair has become a phenomenon, others believe that seeing photos of BenAna’s daily mundane activities has provided an unexpected source of comfort in an unsettling time.

Affleck and de Armas’s frequent outdoor outings provide this, as the only thing that changes are their outfits (including that time they shared a shirt and that other time they wore matching heart necklaces.).

Ana de Armas runs out to notify Ben Affleck about the new mandatory face mask order in California and makes him go back inside to cover up.

A.J., a Houston resident who runs the popular de Armas fan Twitter account (@ArmasUpdates) that has circulated many photos of the couple, said part of BenAna’s appeal is that they seem like their genuine selves.

said the move initially took him aback but ultimately made him like de Armas even more.

Ana de Armas & Ben Affleck walk their dogs outside instead of praying for the pandemic to go away on Easter Sunday.

Ana de Armas & Ben Affleck enjoy some fresh air instead of staying at home.

“It’s like they’re almost playing with their image of how people perceive them,” said A.J., who spoke on the condition that his last name not be used because of online backlash he has received from other de Armas fans.

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