‘Better Call Saul’: Tony Dalton Hypes Fans for Last 3 Episodes of the Season — ‘You Have No Idea How Crazy This Is Gonna Get’
Apr 03, 2020 3 mins, 2 secs
The penultimate season of Better Call Saul is rapidly racing towards a grand finale, and though it’s never been as action-packed or fast-paced as Breaking Bad, fans are feeling serious anxiety over growing tensions between the main characters.

The Breaking Bad prequel has quite a few storylines to wrap up over the next few episodes and then in the final Season 6 which will ostensibly bring the timeline up to date with the beginning of the original show. Upcoming episodes will include major drama, more Breaking Bad character cameos, and a few heartbreaking inevitabilities as the series winds down to a close.

Actor Tony Dalton, a fan favorite this season thanks to his mesmerizing performance as Lalo Salamanca, recently sat down for an interview to explain what fans can expect in the final three episodes of this season.

[Spoiler Alert: Spoilers ahead for Better Call Saul, Season 5]

The most unique aspect of the prequel series so far is how the audience knows the fate of most characters — they just don’t know exactly what the journey is like. Jimmy McGill wrestles with the good and evil sides of his personality but ultimately darkness wins when he becomes shady criminal lawyer Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad.

Meanwhile, Gus Fring wages war against the Salamancas for complete control of the drug trade. This is a war he’ll win — until Heisenberg comes along, anyway. Mike will remain his reluctant foot soldier. But there are certain characters whose fates remain a mystery.

Lalo Salamanca, Nacho Varga, and Kim Wexler are all integral characters in Better Call Saul who never make it to Walter White’s twisted universe of Breaking Bad. All along fans have been nervously wondering what happens to them.

Not s’all bad for Jorge De Guzman.

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Critics and fans alike have been singing the praises of Better Call Saul since the beginning. This season especially has been captivating audiences — and it’s about to get even more compelling, Lalo said.

“You have no idea how crazy this is gonna get,” Dalton told Gold Derby in a video interview. “In the next three episodes it gets out of control. It’s really crazy what these guys wrote.”

He obviously couldn’t go into detail about the specifics, but Dalton did offer three keywords to know: “home, crazy, and escape.”

Caught at the scene of the crime.

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Saul Goodman was forced to take Lalo on as a client on his way to becoming “a friend of the cartel.” And it’s clear Lalo appreciates Jimmy because he sees some of himself in his performance.

“Lalo likes Saul. This charming, mouthy guy. Lalo sees himself in him. He sees this smart-assy guy, who’s talky and gets his way out of trouble. That’s why he likes him so much,” Dalton said during the interview.

Bring in that dough

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Like him or not, it’s clear their relationship isn’t going to end on good terms. When Walt and Jesse kidnap Saul and bring him to the desert in Breaking Bad, Saul is terrified it was Lalo who sent them to kill him. It’s all further proof that the “crazy” next few episodes are likely to include some major conflict for Lalo, Jimmy, and all the other characters we’ve come to love so much.

Catch new episodes of Better Call Saul on Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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