Biden leans on Scranton. In D.C., Park Avenue may be winning. - POLITICO
Oct 21, 2021 1 min, 36 secs

The president wants to sell his agenda as Scranton vs.

President Joe Biden greets people after speaking about his infrastructure plan and domestic agenda in Scranton, Pa.

A roadway in town was renamed "Biden Street" just before his visit.

And standing in front of a dated brick building, four historic trolley cars and a billboard emblazoned with an American flag and the words “Build Back Better,” President Joe Biden was once more trying to conjure up the working class populism that had brought him from this old coal town to the halls of the White House.

“For too long, the working class of our country has been dealt out, it’s time to deal them back in again,” he said.

For years, he has been making this case, crafting a public persona as a pugilist for the American working class.

Scranton was an obvious backdrop, tailor-made to provoke a sense of working class America.

Biden had crafted his 2020 presidential campaign around these ideas too, a Robinhood-themed agenda, minus the actual thievery.

And what Biden has found out is that populism may sell electorally but it doesn’t always translate into legislative language.

Shane Cawley, a fourth generation iron worker and union member who introduced Biden to the crowd, gave a boost to Biden’s domestic spending plan, pointing to added assistance for child care and elder care as vital to his family in Pennsylvania.

Just weeks earlier, new signage had gone up along Interstate 81 designating the Central Scranton Expressway as President Biden Expressway

Another roadway in town was renamed Biden Street just before his visit

President Joe Biden speaks during his visit to the Electric City Trolley Museum in Scranton, Pa

“I think the Scranton visit brings back the conversation to where Biden and the average American sees it — are we going to fix the things we need to fix in this county?” said Greg Schultz, Biden’s former campaign manager

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