Black Voices for Trump coalition praises President Trump's support for African Americans
Jun 06, 2020 1 min, 34 secs

A tweet from a state legislator in Georgia — an African American and a Democrat — asked a stark question on Friday following breaking news that U.S.

On Friday, he was part of an hour-long discussion on emerging trends organized by Black Voices for Trump, a coalition within Mr.

His leadership and successful legislative agenda has done more to improve black lives and their communities than any other president since the Civil Rights and Voters Rights Act,” Mr.

“For 49 years, Joe Biden has been hiding in his basement, quarantined from blacks and the black agenda.

Now he emerges with a mask on, wanting black votes.

“President Trump has rapidly enacted criminal justice reform, increased funding for historically black colleges and universities, and delivered record economic growth for African Americans.

Black voters are beginning to realize that the Democrat Party has never prioritized their interests, and I am confident that there will be historic African American support for President Trump in November,” Ms?

“For every black small business owner in America, help is coming — help is actually here,” Mr.

Politico published a report on Friday titled “How young black voters could break Biden — and why Democrats are worried,” which cited surveys that suggested voting trends within the demographic remain fluid

Joe Biden is struggling to connect with young voters, particularly those of color, according to public and private polling — a serious problem for the former vice president that started during the presidential primary,” wrote Elena Schneider and Laura Baron-Lopez, both political reporters for the news organization

“They don’t want Trump to win, but the question is: Can you convince them that they want Biden to win

That difference — between not wanting Trump and wanting Biden — that’s the difference we’re seeking for turning out thousands of votes in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin,” Democratic pollster Josh Ulibarri told Politico

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