Buffalo shooting: Black Americans describe grief and fear
May 16, 2022 1 min, 14 secs

The black community is grieving and they are scared after 10 people - now named by officials - were gunned down in a racially-motivated attack in a New York supermarket.

Among those killed were a former police officer, a woman who helped feed the poor and a man who drove shoppers to and from the market.

Eleven out of the 13 people killed or injured at Tops Friendly Market were black, and Buffalo's police chief has described the attack as a "racist hate crime".

The neighbourhood where the attack was carried out is predominantly black.

Lakisha Chambers lives a few blocks away from the Tops grocery store - one of the few markets available to residents in the area - and walked over to the scene for the first time since the shooting on Monday.

The youngest victim, store worker Zaire Goodman, 20, was released from hospital after being shot in the neck.

The Buffalo Urban League is also on site, working in the community to help provide counselling services.

The Tops supermarket is the only large resource for fresh food and products for miles in this area.

Buffalo police chief Joseph Gramaglia told reporters the evidence uncovered in the case so far indisputably suggests that it was racially motivated.

Ten killed in racially motivated attack at US store.

Mayor speaks of pain in wake of Buffalo shooting.

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