California mom speaks out after losing infant son to RSV complications - Fox News
Dec 03, 2022 1 min, 26 secs

A California mother who lost her infant son to RSV is sharing her tragic story to warn other parents, as a surge of the dangerous virus is spreading rapidly throughout the country.

- A Southern California mother who lost her infant son to RSV is sharing her tragic story to warn other parents, as a surge of the dangerous virus is spreading rapidly throughout the country.

"He really was just the best baby and the sweetest little soul.

We love him so much," says Jessica Myers through tears.

Myers lost her son William on Nov.

When they did, my son was brain dead, and so we had a couple of days to say goodbye to him," says Myers.

An intensive care nurse holds the foot of a patient suffering from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), who is being ventilated, in the pediatric intensive care unit of the Olgahospital of the Klinkum Stuttgart.

William Myers was only a few weeks old when he became sick with the virus.

I mean, they came back and the moment they knew that William had RSV, we were seeing a doctor within five minutes because they knew how serious it was at that point," says Myers.

"And that's how serious people need to take this, is that when we finally got to the emergency room and they called around to hospitals in Southern California to find space for my son, there were so many hospitals that they called that just did not have a room," says Myers. .

That really, really hurts," says Myers.

Now, Myers is warning other parents that this illness is very serious and encouraging families to take extra precaution this holiday season.

Just keep your kids safe," says Myers.

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