Cases of deadly illness in men and boys soar – the 13 signs you must watch for - New York Post
May 19, 2022 52 secs

In the last five years, hospital admissions for people with eating disorders have risen by 84 percent.

Eating disorders take a huge toll on the people that suffer from them and are often referred to as the ‘deadliest mental health condition’.

One in five deaths of people with anorexia is due to suicide, while all eating disorders see high rates of self-harm and depression.

Nicholls added: “Eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating don’t discriminate, and can affect people of any age and gender.

“With the NHS treating a third more children and young people than it did two years ago, it is important that all healthcare professionals are supported to better understand and respond to signs that someone is seriously ill with an eating disorder.

“Parents can also find information on potential symptoms, such as binge eating, feeling guilty after eating, negative self-image, and other signs of a potential eating disorder on the NHS website, and they should not hesitate to contact the NHS if they or their child need support.”

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