China may have snapped the greatest Mars selfie ever - Yahoo Entertainment
Jun 13, 2021 1 min, 31 secs
NASA’s Mars 2020 mission is well underway, with the Perseverance rover beginning its science phase and the Ingenuity helicopter having accomplished a lot in a very short period of time.

But NASA wasn’t the only space agency sending new hardware to Mars, and China recently landed its own rover on the surface of the Red Planet as well.

We’ve all been staring at images from Mars sent back by Perseverance, but China just dropped one of the coolest Mars photos you’ll ever see.

The China National Space Administration sent its first rover to Mars last year, beating NASA’s Perseverance rover into the sky.

They both arrived at Mars around the same time in February of this year, with Perseverance landing immediately and China’s Zhurong rover and lander orbiting the planet for a while before deciding to land.

Now that China’s rover is on the ground, it’s been making its mark for mankind, and snapping some awesome photos along the way.

We all know that NASA’s Curiosity rover is the king of Mars selfies.

The Zhurong rover might not be built to last as long as Curiosity or Perseverance, but it’s still got some pretty impressive photography chops.

It’s a selfie of the Zhurong rover and China’s fancy lander sitting next to each other on the surface of the planet.

China has been making some big strides in space exploration in recent years, conquering the far side of the Moon, a lunar surface sampling mission, and now a Mars rover mission all in short order.

By now you already know that NASA’s Perseverance rover is an impressive machine.

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