Cobra Kai season 3 uses Kreese to warn against over-glorifying the military - Polygon
Jan 23, 2021 1 min, 30 secs

John Kreese was just happy to serve.

The story of two karate students who fought each other in a tournament when they were kids, and find their rivalry revived in their adult lives as they both take on new karate students, is ridiculous.

So when Kreese returns to the world of Karate Kid at the end of season one of Cobra Kai, we know things are about to get serious!

Lawrence is an aging, out-of-touch goofball looking to better himself a little bit by reopening Cobra Kai, but Kreese wants control of the dojo because he’s a bad guy out of a cartoon, someone who seems to just delight in causing suffering in others.

During yet another karate brawl between students, the Cobra Kai pupils break the arm of an opponent, and Kreese, of course, is fine with it!

In a meeting with local government to discuss the cancellation of the upcoming karate tournament, which in this universe is the only way to solve anything, Kreese begins by introducing himself with his rank, is thanked for his service, he makes a fake show of being a good, but tough, teacher who just wants the best for his students, and reminds the room he was just so happy to serve his country.

Whether Kreese would have been as convincing without playing this particular card is debatable, but it’s a card the character is clearly used to playing, and knows how to use to get what he wants.

Daniel LaRusso has already kicked the guy’s butt once in the show’s third season, but the debate scene is where his real threat becomes apparent: Kreese doesn’t need his own fists to do damage, just the trust and backing of the community while he wages war on his rival dojos

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