Covid-19 herd immunity is a difficult target, experts warn, but vaccinating teens could be key to protecting us this fall - CNN
May 06, 2021 2 mins, 9 secs
Jonathan Reiner said that national immunization goal set by the Biden administration is getting harder to reach because of the slowing down in vaccination levels.

And though the progress on immunizations will likely drop the death toll dramatically, Reiner said that the US will have to stay vigilant to avoid surges in the fall.

Moving from mass vaccination to local pharmacies

An important part of the plan to vaccinate adolescents rests on using local resources like pediatrician offices, Slavitt said.

The plan also aligns with the larger strategy to make vaccinations more accessible by moving away from mass vaccination sites to walk-in appointments at local pharmacies.

For example, California officials said the massive Covid-19 vaccination site at the famed Oakland Coliseum will close this month after a "rapid reduction" in appointments over the past couple of weeks.

The announcement follows the decision to also close Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, once lauded by Mayor Eric Garcetti as the largest mass vaccination site in the US, later this month as officials shift efforts to smaller, community-focused routes.

Meanwhile, CVS will be offering walk-in and same-day vaccination appointments at more than 8,300 pharmacy locations, the company told CNN on Wednesday.

Super Bowl tickets for vaccinated fans

As more of the US builds immunity against the virus, large-scale entertainment venues are opening up.

Walt Disney World said it will phase out on-site temperature check for staff and guests this month.

"We will continue to follow the guidance of health and safety leaders going forward and most importantly encourage people to get vaccinated," it said.

And Wednesday, the City of Chicago announced a monthly concert series held exclusively for residents fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

US's global responsibility to ensure the world does not "suffer and die" from Covid-19

The Biden administration announced its support Wednesday to ease patent rules on Covid-19 vaccines, which could increase their global supply as countries like India wrestle with massive outbreaks.

"If we stick together, if we work together, if we help work and collaborate with countries around the world, I do believe we will turn this pandemic around," US surgeon general Dr.

Vivek Murthy said.

Countries like the US, which has an ample supply of vaccine resources, are obligated to aid vaccination programs in the rest of the world, Fauci said.

"I believe we have a moral obligation," he said, "to make sure that the rest of the world does not suffer and die, as it were, from something we can help them with and help them prevent."

Fauci said he would be fine waiving patent protections for vaccines, among other options.

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