Sep 25, 2021 1 min, 30 secs
Lapado shuns mask and vaccine mandates while pushing unproven treatments popular with the far right, like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Across the country, Republican leaders seem increasingly comfortable amplifying anti-vaccine rhetoric and conspiracies while banning mask and vaccine requirements.

One speaker stood next to the governor and said, “The vaccine changes your RNA.” Another implied that the vaccine can cause death.

He also threatened to fine Florida cities and counties that require vaccines for employees and banned mask mandates in schools.

Across the country, Republican leaders seem increasingly comfortable amplifying anti-vaccine rhetoric and conspiracies while banning mask and vaccine requirements, even though unvaccinated people are causing the virus to spread and increasing the likelihood of more coronavirus variants.

Greg Abbott of Texas banned government mandates for vaccines and barred local governments and school districts from enacting their own vaccine mandates, even though schoolchildren are not yet eligible for the vaccine.

Indeed, as of Tuesday, nine states have banned mask mandates in schools — all with Republican governors.

Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has introduced his own bills to ban mask and vaccine mandates.

To encourage vaccine refusal, some Republican lawmakers are casting vaccine refusal as a civil rights issue.

Jim Jordan of Ohio has said vaccine requirements are “un-American.” Gov.

Tate Reeves of Mississippi said vaccine mandates are an “attack” on “hard-working Americans,” adding that “in Mississippi, we believe in freedom.”.

People like Cruz, a Harvard Law School graduate, must know they are spreading a legal fallacy when saying things like Biden’s mask requirement is “unconstitutional” and that "the vaccine mandate is going to be struck down in court.".

In other words, Republican leaders are getting vaccinated while encouraging others to reject vaccinations, vaccine requirements and mask mandates.

While most Americans support vaccine and mask requirements, a majority of Republicans are opposed to them

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