Exclusive -- Mark Meadows: 'I Would Bet' Trump Will Run in 2024
Oct 23, 2021 2 mins, 1 sec
Mark Meadows, former North Carolina congressman and House Freedom Caucus leader, who also served as White House chief of staff to former President Donald Trump, told Breitbart News Saturday that Americans are clearly seeing the contrast between leadership under Trump and President Biden and that he “would bet” Trump will run in 2024.

“We are in a fight for our lives,” Meadows, author of the upcoming book The Chief’s Chief, said, detailing some of the major contrasts between Trump’s administration and Biden’s.

Boy, what I would love to do is have President Trump back in the White House right now,'” Meadows said.

“It was a scam, and it continues to be a scam,” he said, noting that Biden “sat in his basement” and vowed to “bring it all back.” But now, he is “hemorrhaging,” particularly among independent voters, who, again, are now saying, “Enough is enough.”.

It’s really sad,” Meadows observed, highlighting that the Biden administration is virtually incapable of making decisions — another stark contrast from Trump’s administration.

That’s not what Donald Trump did,” Meadows said, noting that Trump made it clear in discussions related to withdrawal from Afghanistan that they could not leave Americans behind.

However, he said he “would bet” Trump will do it.

“I don’t speak for President Trump, but I do speak to him all the time, and I can tell you if I were a betting man, I would bet, I would go all in on the fact that he’s going to run,” the former congressman said.

I talked to him about a number of things that we would have to have in place to be prepared for that second term,” Meadows said, adding that no one “would come close” to beating Trump in the Republican primary.

The more there is a lack of decisions from Biden and issues such as higher gas prices, “the more assured I am that he will have a second term,” Meadows said, adding that he highlights some of the contrasts between the two administrations in his upcoming book, available December 7

Speaking directly to Republicans, who have the chance to take the majority in the House and Senate next year, Meadows said it is crucial for lawmakers to “actually have to do what they tell people they were going to do when they ran for office,” as it is not enough to have the “R” behind their name

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