Exercise and weight loss: Why working out may not help as much as you think - New York Post
Sep 24, 2021 1 min, 7 secs

A new study of how physical activity impacts the metabolism of humans suggests that increasing levels of activity may bring diminishing returns in energy expenditure.

The group found that for 1,754 adults living “normal lives,” energy compensation averages 28% due to reduced basal energy expenditure (BEE) and that “this suggests that only 72% of the extra calories we burn from additional activity translates into extra calories burned that day.”.

Another study published this month in iScience points to increased physical activity and improvements in fitness levels as key to reducing the risk of obesity-related health conditions and mortality – even with the absence of weight loss

“We propose a weight-neutral strategy for obesity treatment on the following grounds: (1) the mortality risk associated with obesity is largely attenuated or eliminated by moderate-to-high levels of cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) or physical activity (PA), (2) most cardiometabolic risk markers associated with obesity can be improved with exercise training independent of weight loss and by a magnitude similar to that observed with weight-loss programs, (3) weight loss, even if intentional, is not consistently associated with lower mortality risk, (4) increases in CRF or PA are consistently associated with greater reductions in mortality risk than is intentional weight loss, and (5) weight cycling is associated with numerous adverse health outcomes including increased mortality,” the University of Arizona and University of Virginia authors wrote

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