'Fear the Walking Dead' showrunners weigh in on the latest CRM link - Entertainment Weekly News
May 03, 2021 3 mins, 36 secs

All season long on Fear the Walking Dead, we have caught glimpses of a mysterious group with an affinity for graffiti and catchy slogans promising that "the end is the beginning." And on Sunday's episode, "The Holding", we finally met that group in full, along with their charismatic cult-like leader, Teddy (played by John Glover).

Alicia sacrificed herself to help the others escape, and seemed to be destined for the embalming table until Teddy showed up and informed her that "I've been looking for someone like you for a long, long time" while extending his hand out to her?

But honestly, when we shorthand it amongst ourselves, we say "The people who are spray painting the end is the beginning.".

CHAMBLISS: Yeah, we were looking for something that felt a little bit different and wasn't necessarily about people just wanting power over people wanting to control settlements and all that, especially because we had just spent a bunch of time with Virginia and she was essentially a colonial superpower in the state of Texas.

And we kind of landed on this philosophy and we obviously had been spray painting "The end is the beginning.".

But then when we got to this episode, it was really kind of digging into how we were going to represent that?

But I think the important thing to us kind of as Andrew was saying is we didn't want it to feel like a cult.

CHAMBLISS: Well, I can't give you the whole end game, but I think what we know is kind of what Al has discovered with Wes when they're snooping in the room and it's what we've been seeing evidence of.

I think it's pretty clear when we look at their philosophy in "The End is The Beginning" that they're all about bringing about the end so that something new can start.

We hear Teddy's voice say, from death springs new life, and I think what it is they're looking to do, and what we're going to find out, is that they are looking for the way to bring about the end so that things can start over?

The episode ends with Teddy telling Alicia, "I've been looking for someone like you for a long long time." What does that last line mean.

Granted, they're very different types of characters with very different agendas, but he has a very specific role in mind for her in his twisted view of how he's going to bring about the end?

They suggested him when they knew what we were looking for, and instantly we were just sort of, we're like, yes, he's the guy, because John has a playful quality about him.

and also very articulate, which is what you want from somebody who's going to be a charismatic leader of a cult like this.

And so John kind of checked all of those boxes and also just has such presence and such danger and unpredictability about him, which we see even though we only experience him in a small way at the end of this episode.

CHAMBLISS: Yeah, it definitely is something that caught Al's attention and kind of recontextualized the episode where she was in the tower and she thought the rats that had the plague were just there by happenstance, or that Teddy was targeting the people who lived in the tower.

Now he might not know who the CRM is, but when you see people in helicopters, you know that you can probably exact some destruction on them.

And I think on a more personal level, what it does for Al is it makes her realize that she's got to act, she can't kind of wait and see what happens.

So that's why at the end of the episode she kind of makes that decision to go off and warn her, even though she knows trying to make contact with someone from the CRM could result in her own death.

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