FedEx driver hangs, salutes fallen American flag outside Mexican immigrant's home: 'Adore this country''
Nov 21, 2021 1 min, 3 secs

A FedEx delivery driver was recorded picking up a fallen American flag and saluting it outside a home in North Carolina. .

The fact that he came and put our flag up is great," Matthews, North Carolina, homeowner Karla Cruz - who immigrated to the U.S.

from Mexico - told WJZY after watching the video of the FedEx driver hanging the flag outside her home.

FedEx driver recorded picking up a fallen American flag and saluting it outside a home in Matthews, North Carolina.

The scene was caught on a Ring security camera and shows the driver looping back to the fallen flag after dropping off a package on Cruz’s porch.


FedEx driver recorded picking up a fallen American flag and saluting it outside a home in Matthews, North Carolina.

Another FedEx driver was also lauded last year for picking up a fallen American flag and folding it outside a home in Freehold, New Jersey. 

"The flag should never be desecrated like that so you have to stop, you have to do something whether people are watching or not," driver Chris Oslovich told "Fox & Friends" last year. 

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