Following Apple’s launch of privacy labels, Google to add a ‘safety’ section in Google Play - TechCrunch
May 06, 2021 1 min, 9 secs
Months after Apple’s App Store introduced privacy labels for apps, Google announced its own mobile app marketplace, Google Play, will follow suit.

For example, developers will need to share what sort of personal information their apps collect, like users’ names or emails, and whether it collects information from the phone, like the user’s precise location, their media files or contacts.

On this front, Google says it will add new elements that detail whether the app uses security practices like data encryption; if the app follows Google’s Families policy, related to child safety; if the app’s safety section has been verified by an independent third party; whether the app needs data to function or allows users to choose whether or not to share data; and whether the developer agrees to delete user data when a user uninstalls the app in question.

Apple’s labels focus on what data is being collected for tracking purposes and what’s linked to the end user.

(Apple’s “ask to track” pop-ups on iOS now force developers to beg inside their apps for access user data.).

One early criticism of Apple’s privacy labels was that many were providing inaccurate information — and were getting away with it, too.

And when it did, it was mocked by critics — like privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo — for how much data apps like Chrome and the Google app collect.

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