FOX Weather launches with trailblazing app that will change how Americans consume weather news, analysis
Oct 25, 2021 3 mins, 19 secs

FOX Weather, a high-tech streaming service, launches Monday with trailblazing features that are expected to change the way Americans consume weather news and analysis. .

"It’s live programming right there on your phone," meteorologist Nick Kosir told Fox News Digital.


Our FOX Weather community will get their forecast in the palm of their hand, making weather very personal and helpful," meteorologist Britta Merwin, who was a popular local weather personality in Houston before joining FOX Weather, told Fox News Digital. .

Nobody else is doing that," Jason Frazer, who came to FOX Weather from WKYC in Cleveland, told Fox News Digital. .

FOX Weather also uses new technology to deliver severe weather alerts for tornadoes, thunderstorms, flooding, and other weather conditions that will help keep users safe and informed.

Meteorologist Ian Oliver is a sports-nuts meteorologist who will cover weather conditions around big games in addition to other on-air duties at FOX Weather. .

Ian Oliver, a sports-nut meteorologist who will cover weather conditions around big games in addition to other duties, is excited that FOX Weather is anchored by actual meteorologists.

Typically, the weather is quickly covered on local, broadcast news stations when an anchor tosses it to a weatherperson for a brief segment. .

"Everybody is a meteorologist," Oliver told Fox News Digital. .

"It's beautiful and the colors are beautiful, I feel like they're just so appealing to the eye," five-time local Emmy-award-winning meteorologist Craig Herrera told Fox News Digital. "They change based on the time of day, so brighter colors for the earlier shows and, as you progress through the day, the color changes, then you go into the evening and you get into the different light, the blues and the darker colors to represent more of the evening hours and if we go into severe weather mode, then it can turn red.".

Meteorologist Amy Freeze, a five-time Emmy award winner, is part of the FOX Weather launch team. .

FOX Weather meteorologists are an eclectic group from all across the nation.

"I think what's so great about FOX Weather is we're moving forward and not only with the weather and how it's changing over time but also with our platform," Mahoney told Fox News Digital. .

The FOX Weather team has spent the past few weeks rehearsing in its New York City headquarters that shares a building with Fox News Channel, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary

I love to be a part of something that's absolutely brand new," meteorologist Jane Minar, who will host overnight coverage, told Fox News Digital. 

FOX Weather meteorologist Stephen Morgan moved from Houston to New York City to be part of the launch team. 

"The timing has been perfect, watching everyone here at Fox celebrate 25 years," Morgan told Fox News Digital. 


Five time local Emmy-award winning meteorologist Craig Herrera is part of the FOX Weather launch team. 

FOX Weather president Sharri Berg was a founding member of the Fox News Channel launch team and remains with the company and filed one of the commemorative messages

Herrera isn’t the only member of the inaugural FOX Weather team who plans to stick around a while. 

It worked out, as she was promoted to on-air meteorologist before the FOX Weather even launched

Meteorologist Britta Merwin was a popular local weather personality in Houston before joining FOX Weather

Freeze, a longtime meteorologist who has worked at five of the top 40 television markets, including Philadelphia, Chicago and New York, has noticed the FOX Weather team has been sharp during rehearsals. 

While Fox News is also on pace to finish 2021 as the most-watched network across all of basic cable for the sixth straight year, Freeze knows it will take hard work for FOX Weather to follow in its footsteps

FOX Weather is also available on Internet-connected TVs via FOX NOW and the FOX News app. 

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