Gabby Petito homicide: For Dog the Bounty Hunter, search for Brian Laundrie is personal - FOX 13 Tampa Bay
Sep 26, 2021 1 min, 19 secs

Dog the Bounty Hunter joins search for Brian Laundrie: ‘I know what the victims feel like’.

– FIRST ON FOX: Dog the Bounty Hunter arrived at Brian Laundrie’s parents’ home Saturday, knocked on the door and met silence, but he’s already picked up a scent.

The reality TV star and legendary bounty hunter, whose real name is Duane Chapman, is a father of 13 who lost a daughter around the same age as Gabby Petito in a car accident in 2006.

He was already in Florida on a honeymoon with his wife Francie Chapman, he said, when people began reaching out to him to look into Laundrie’s disappearance.

Dog the Bounty Hunter is in North Port, Florida, to assist the search for Brian Laundrie.


"And the dad can still reach out to me, through social media," Chapman said.

Much of the information he’s received points toward the Appalachian Trail, where Laundrie camped previously.

So if he’s not in the Carlton Reserve, as many suspect, Laundrie may be along the trail.

If Laundrie skipped town, investigators must figure out where he went and begin their search with dogs, infrared and other technology, Chapman said.

And Chapman is no stranger to the Appalachian Trail himself

And if Laundrie does turn out to be in the swamp, he would have to be moving by night when authorities suspend their search and trying to hide by day

"Somebody else knows where he’s at, where they dropped him off at, or did they drop him off?" Chapman said

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