GameStop Is Offering Payment Plans For Xbox Series X And PS5 - GameSpot
Sep 15, 2020 57 secs

GameStop customers will be able to pay for their PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X in installments this holiday season.

The new options for payment include a layaway option, third-party installment plans, and a rent-to-own process, according to internal documents obtained by VentureBeat.

Installment plans: GameStop will offer installment plans with third-party payment services, including Quadpay and Klarna, that allow shoppers to pay off their purchase in four installments over six weeks, with no additional fees.

Available for both the Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox All Access allows you to make payments over a 24-month period, costing $35 per month for the Series X and $25 per month for the Series S?

Xbox All Access also includes Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and because of that perk, it's actually cheaper to opt for the All Access plan rather than buy the console and subscription separately, saving you $59 on the Series S and $19 on the Series X!

But in a year where so many people have lost their jobs or had their salaries reduced due to COVID-19, having a wider number of payment options, including Xbox All Access, is certainly a positive thing

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