Hannity slams New York City's vaccine passport protocol
Aug 04, 2021 1 min, 0 secs

"Just like attending the DNC, want to see your congressman or women or senator from your state, or getting a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer, yeah you need photo ID, and now they want you to have identification to prove you've been vaccinated just to enter a restaurant.".

Hannity questioned what happens to people who have medical exemptions or those not comfortable carrying personal medical documentation wherever they go

"Nevermind medical privacy, your medical privacy, nevermind your doctor-patient confidentiality. Anyone who's vaccinated and is allowed to attend indoor activities will soon have to share their personal, medical documents with employees at every restaurant, every bar, every sporting event, every concert and other random strangers all across New York City."

Hannity continued to criticize Biden's contradictory COVID-19 guidance saying, "Remember just a few weeks ago when Biden, Fauci and everyone else in the government, they were promising all of us right, they were promising you your life will return to normal if you got the vaccine… Were they just lying or naive?"

"This country is headed in what is a very very scary direction as Biden's dark winter now turns into Biden's dark summer, dark fall and dark perpetuity."

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