Hemmer presses pro-Biden economist on calling inflation a 'high-class problem': 'What were you thinking?'
Oct 15, 2021 49 secs

Former Obama Economic Council Chair Jason Furman discusses his controversial tweet, which sparked a media firestorm when it was retweeted by White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain.

"America’s Newsroom" co-host Bill Hemmer pressed former Obama Economic Council Chair Jason Furman Friday on whether or not he stood by his controversial tweet, where he claimed that inflation and other economic troubles were merely "high-class problems.".


Furman doubled down and characterized these signs of inflation as a "good thing."

That’s a good thing," Furman said, reiterating that Americans are also spending more

Again, Furman reiterated the "good" and "bad side," of increased consumer spending, and restated his claim that inflation was being driven by demand exceeding supply

Furman, who also serves as Harvard’s Aetna professor of the practice of economic policy, said in the Wednesday tweet that the country would not be faced with these issues if the unemployment rate was still 10%

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