Housework can cause women to struggle more than men in old age, research suggests - Daily Mail
Nov 26, 2021 49 secs

Women struggle more than men with day-to-day tasks in old age due to the physical toll of all the housework they did when younger, new research suggests.

Among over-70s, women were more likely to have problems performing basic physical and mental tasks.

Women struggle more than men with day-to-day tasks in old age due to the physical toll of all the housework they did when younger, new research suggests [File photo].

Lead author Mikaela Bloomberg said: ‘It appears that gender inequalities in the ability to carry out daily tasks at older age are decreasing over time.

Participants were assessed on physical and mental capacity to perform daily tasks.

The authors of the study, published in The Lancet, concluded: ‘Women are more likely to be limited than men in carrying out daily tasks from age 70.

The study, led by a team in Singapore, said over-65s who spend lots of time on housework have better physical strength, are mentally sharper and have greater protection against falls

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