How Jon Gruden's Emails Became Collateral Damage - The New York Times
Oct 13, 2021 1 min, 40 secs
But now he is collateral damage in a tangled case that had focused on the conduct of Daniel Snyder, the contentious owner of the Washington Football Team, and his feud with investors in the team.

Snyder and the Washington Football Team have long been mired in controversy, whether for the previous team name that was eventually dropped because it was a slur toward Native Americans or the organization’s mistreatment of its cheerleaders.

Parallel to and often intersecting with the workplace misconduct investigation was a bitter internecine quarrel between Snyder and three of the team’s limited partners, Frederick W.

Attempts by the three limited partners to sell their shares devolved into acrimony with Snyder, and the N.F.L.

In effect, Snyder accused the men who had co-owned the team with him since 2003 of leaking negative information to The Washington Post and the Indian media company to attempt to force him to sell his stake in the team, too.

Selling minority stakes in football teams valued at billions of dollars in full can be quite difficult, and if Snyder were forced to sell his stake in the team too, the limited partners could presumably sell more easily, and at a higher price.

The Washington Football Team was ordered to pay a $10 million fine and reimburse the cost of the investigation, and Snyder said he would cede day-to-day control of the team to a new co-chief executive, his wife, Tanya Snyder.

Part of the investigation, however, involved the review of the emails sent and received by Bruce Allen, the team’s longtime general manager and president, and a close confidant of Snyder, until Allen was fired in 2019.

Gruden went on to work for ESPN as a color analyst for “Monday Night Football,” and Allen was eventually hired by Washington.

Gruden used a private email address while Allen used his official Washington Football Team account.

But so far the biggest public revelations have centered on Gruden, not Snyder or anyone directly associated with the Washington Football Team.

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