How to avoid soft tissue injuries, according to experts - CNN
Aug 10, 2022 59 secs
The most common soft tissue injuries occur in the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

While traumatic injuries are the most dramatic, repetitive injuries are more common, said Mike Matthews, a personal trainer in Ocala, Florida, and host of "Muscle for Life," a popular fitness podcast.

"Repetitive soft tissue injuries occur when a tissue undergoes more damage than it can heal from over a period of time," Matthews said.

"The ultimate cause of all repetitive soft tissue injuries is simply doing too much, too soon."

To prevent a repetitive injury then, you need to take a measured approach to exercise and sports.

"The only proven way to reduce your risk of repetitive soft tissue injury is to gradually increase your workout volume and intensity over time," Matthews said.

Since your body's soft tissues are working in different ways or even resting when you bike versus swim or play tennis, it's an easy preventive measure.

Diet, stress, sleep may increase risk, too

Avoiding soft tissue injuries isn't necessarily all about training, however.

"Even when people realize they have a soft tissue injury, they often carry on with their program and whistle past the graveyard, hoping it gets better with time," Matthews said.

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