How To Master Every New Weapon In Halo Infinite - Kotaku
Nov 22, 2021 1 min, 51 secs
Series stalwarts are fundamentally the same as ever: The battle rifle still fires in three-round bursts, the needler still turns enemies into explosive pink porcupines, the sword still swords, and so on.

Some of those challenges are of the “kill X enemies with Y weapon you’ve never used” variety.

(I balked at a recent challenge that asked me to score 10 kills with a stalker rifle, a weapon I’d used maybe twice prior. Then I figured out how best to use it.) If you want to rank up fast, you’ll need to make use of every available gun.

Here’s how every new weapon in Halo Infinite works—plus some advice for how to run the table with them.

In a series first, Halo Infinite doesn’t have a plasma rifle or any of its variations.

Think of it like a plasma rifle (spews shield-draining globules) that fires like a battle rifle (in three-round bursts).

You can fire it a bit faster if you manually pull the trigger for each shot, and the disruptor’s shots seem quite effective on enemies who’ve already lost their shields.

Two or three shots will kill most enemies in close range, or you could land one shot and immediately follow it up with a melee attack.

So here’s the solution: Land two shots when the reticle is vertical (totaling 12), then switch to the wider-berth horizontal scheme, which is a bit easier to hit someone with, to finish opponents off.

In another instance of 343 Industries gutting the Covenant armory, Halo Infinite doesn’t feature the beam rifle (a sniper rifle) or the carbine (a mid-range gun).

They’re jointly replaced by a singular weapon that marries aspects from both: the stalker rifle.

The stalker rifle is more like the carbine than anything else: fires fast, deals moderate damage, and gets the job done at pretty much any range.

Though it’s admittedly difficult to land shots, what with that dime-sized reticle, you’ll kill anyone in one shot no matter where you hit them.

As a sort of grenade launcher, the cindershot is no doubt powerful, able to kill enemies in just a shot or two if you land direct hits.

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