‘I helped out security’: the backstory behind Bobby Wagner’s viral NFL hit - The Guardian US
Oct 05, 2022 58 secs
Video of NFL star taking out animal rights demonstrator who interrupted game against San Francisco 49ers went viral.

National Football League linebacker Bobby Wagner laid one of the season’s most jarring hits this week on an animal rights advocate who ran on to the field of a game to protest about criminal charges filed against two other activists.

Video of Wagner lowering his right shoulder and flattening the protester – after the demonstrator ran past stadium security guards and up the sideline while holding a pink smoke grenade – during the Rams’ game against the San Francisco 49ers quickly went viral, with some speaking approvingly of the player’s intervention!

What set the stage for the viral moment pitting Wagner against the protester he leveled was the alleged decision by members of the San Francisco-area animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere to break into Utah’s Circle Four Farms pork production facility in 2017 and take two piglets to save them from being slaughtered.

To raise awareness of the charges that Hsiung and Picklesimer are being tried for, multiple members of Direct Action Everywhere attended the 49ers-Rams game at Levi’s Stadium, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

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