iMessage on Android is Here From Sunbird - Droid Life
Dec 02, 2022 59 secs
They know it keeps their users on the platform and are apparently fine with the green bubble bullying of Android users that is a result of the broken messaging experience iPhone users complain about when talking to someone without a phone like theirs.

Because there may never be an official iMessage app or service on Android, the messaging industry has taken several stabs at creating an unofficial iMessage client.

Most are weird implementations, including one that wanted you to buy an old iPhone and then set it up as a make-shift server to relay the iMessage experience to your Android phone.

Sunbird has created an all-in-one messaging client that “is the first and only fully featured iMessage for Android app.” Let me try and explain what exactly that means.

According to Sunbird, that means that setup of iMessage on your Android phone only requires an Android phone and about 60 seconds of time.

It also means that you get fully encrypted messages, internet messaging, full-quality media, group chats, reactions and tap backs, live-typing indicators, and read receipts.

Maybe most importantly, it means that your messages (from your Android phone) will show up as blue bubbles on an iPhone.



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