Immunocompromised Families Greet Child's Vaccine With Relief - The New York Times
Nov 25, 2021 1 min, 42 secs

When the pandemic came for Georgia, Lauren Rymer had to make a snap choice: her mother’s safety or what she believed was best for her young child.

She locked down her family for the better part of last year, living with her mother, Sharon Mooneyhan, who has multiple sclerosis, and protecting her by keeping her son Jack, 5, out of kindergarten to avoid routine household exposure to Covid.

“I didn’t want my mom to miss out on being with her only grandchild,” Ms.

Rymer said.

Rymer said.

But for some, like the Rymers, finally getting children vaccinated this past month put a major piece of a protection puzzle in place for severely vulnerable adults who are immunocompromised, fighting cancer or coping with other diseases.

“The biggest thing for me was that I didn’t want her to get sick and then if something happened to me, have her feel she was responsible,” said Dr.

Pietralczyk, a family physician who is the sole wage earner in her household.

Pietralczyk said.

For some families with several generations under one roof, or worrying about a family member with a severe illness, the vaccine for young children is a crucial barricade of protection for the most vulnerable adults.

In Ely, Minn., two of Michelle Greener’s children, Sophie, 10 and Liv, 11, share a rare disease — Ehlers-Danlos syndrome — with her husband, and she has a 16-year-old she adopted when the girl’s mother, the family babysitter, died in 2019.

Greener stayed with her in the Twin Cities, and limited contact with her younger children, who at the time were too young to be vaccinated.

Pietralczyk said the issue was much the same in Alaska, where she lives.

“The whole family came down with Covid,” she said.

I didn’t want her to play with them but I also didn’t want it to be a stigma in the relationship by prying into their personal life

Rymer, the bottomless patience of her employer became her anchor, and the concentrated time with just her son and mother were gifts

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