Introducing AndroidDistribution․io, a new home for the Android distribution chart - 9to5Google
Jun 05, 2020 1 min, 20 secs

Earlier this year, Google “killed” their long-running web page for Android’s distribution numbers, instead tucking the data away into Android Studio.

For nearly 10 years, developers could use the Android distribution dashboard to decide the lowest version of Android’s API their app should target, based on the percentage of devices on that version and newer.

Google has since taken the distribution data off of the web, as of April, and now encourages developers to use the Play Console’s built-in statistics to make a decision about what version to use based on metrics specific to your app.

To help continue the time-honored tradition of speculating on the success of Google and OEMs to get each Android version to devices, we’ve created a new web app that displays the most recent pie chart of Android version distribution, sourced from Android Studio, as well as historical charts dating back to 2010.

As for the charts themselves, the data was sourced from our own archives of Android distribution data, as well as from publications like Droid-Life and Android Police and data from Ron Amadeo’s “Big Android Chart.”.

Of course, this is a good time to remember that Google’s Android distribution data is flawed?

There are many varieties of Android devices beyond phones, not all of which are expected to be updated frequently but still connect to the Play Store and therefore count toward the distribution data.

For a potentially more realistic look, perhaps look to the measurements of Android devices that visit a certain popular website, or again, view your own app’s distribution information in the Play Console

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