‘It’s Time to Do Something New’: ‘Better Call Saul’ Co-Creator Vince Gilligan on His Final Episode as Writer-Director - Rolling Stone
Aug 09, 2022 3 mins, 10 secs
Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman - Better Call Saul _ Season 6, Episode 12.

It’s not just that the co-creator of Better Call Saul missed his own show’s wrap party because he and his partner Holly had already scheduled a birthday getaway in Palm Springs for that night?

It’s that throughout his tenure with both Breaking Bad and Saul, he and his collaborators (including Saul co-creator Peter Gould) were almost never able to map out story beats very far ahead of time.

He spoke with Rolling Stone about how long it took to figure out the fate of Kim Wexler, the ongoing challenge of reconciling the Saul plot with what we knew from Breaking Bad, and why a show called Better Call Saul wound up barely featuring Saul Goodman at all.

You can’t kill off Jimmy McGill in his own show, you can’t kill off any character whom we know the fate of from Breaking Bad.

From left: Co-creator Peter Gould, Bob Odenkirk, and Vince Gilligan on set in Season Three!

Was it more challenging in this final season than in seasons past to reconcile the end of this show with what we know from Breaking Bad.

I think it was really, really challenging in the first season, and in the early seasons.

He can’t lose an eye!” There’s so many of these strictures that Breaking Bad put on this character.

If you could go back in time to the Breaking Bad years and ask your younger self to change one thing to make your life easier on this show, what would it be.

We’ve talked before about how you intended to get to Saul Goodman by the end of Season One, and instead you found yourselves liking Jimmy McGill.

I think it finally dawned on us — but that thing about us only seeing two inches in front of our noses, that really holds true when you’re breaking a story like this.

I think we finally came to realize that we know what Saul Goodman looks like?

And then we wanted to see more of Gene Takovic in Omaha, so we kind of ran out the clock without even meaning to, and then we realized, man, the first thing that could go was Saul Goodman.

For fans who have seen Better Call Saul and haven’t watched Breaking Bad if you want to get your Saul Goodman fix, I suggest you get on iTunes or wherever, find the most expensive way possible, and buy the series in the highest-quality resolution and stereophonic sound.

I think we used the second one, but she was just as brilliant as the first one.

It’s just a pleasure watching her do her thing.

But a scene like that is, I hate to admit it, just pleasurable to write, pleasurable to direct.

I think we all wanted — I can’t remember who came up with the idea — that we wanted to see those two worlds collide.

Selfishly, I’d like to do so, to keep this thing going.

But right now, whether there’s more room to grow or not — and there probably is — I feel like it’s time to do something new.

I think it’s hit Peter, I think it’s hit the writers and the actors.

But maybe it’s like the reaction she has, after six years, crying for Howard Hamlin and whatever else she’s crying for — her lost soul?

Is there anything you would change about Breaking Bad just to make your life easier on Better Call Saul

But I think it’s telling that I can’t think of a good answer off the top of my head, even having pondered it for a few minutes here

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