Man Keeps a Rock For Years, Hoping It's Gold. It Turned Out to Be Far More Valuable - ScienceAlert
Nov 22, 2021 51 secs
That's because what he was trying so hard to open was no gold nugget.

"It had this sculpted, dimpled look to it," Melbourne museum geologist Dermot Henry told The Sydney Morning Herald.

Unable to open the 'rock', but still intrigued, Hole took the nugget to the Melbourne Museum for identification.

In fact, after 37 years of working at the museum and examining thousands of rocks, Henry explains only two of the offerings have ever turned out to be real meteorites.

"If you saw a rock on Earth like this, and you picked it up, it shouldn't be that heavy," another Melbourne Museum geologist, Bill Birch, told The Sydney Morning Herald in 2019.

"This particular meteorite most probably comes out of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and it's been nudged out of there by some asteroids smashing into each other, then one day it smashes into Earth," Henry told Channel 10 News.

"This is only the 17th meteorite found in Victoria, whereas there's been thousands of gold nuggets found," Henry told Channel 10 News.

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