Married At First Sight Australia: New Aussie stereotype baffling America
Jun 06, 2020 1 min, 28 secs
And it’s because of a new habit they all think we’ve succumbed to.

James Weir is joined by Carla Bignasca and Jana Hocking to talk about Married At First Sight and terrible dates.

Americans reckon all Aussies are like these MAFS stars.Source:Channel 9.

Channel 9’s controversial reality series Married At First Sight has started airing on Lifetime in the States and it has promoted our country as effectively as Lara Bingle did when she chirped, “So where the bloody hell are ya?”?

They think kangaroos hop around Sydney CBD and they assume we all talk like an Irwin.

Because of MAFS, Americans think all Australians are Botoxed to buggery with faces resembling human Bratz dolls.

“I’ve never been to Australia but just by watching this show it seems like all the women have work done and look the exact same.

Maybe it’s the norm there,” one US viewer wrote on social media after watching our series.

Another fan agreed and noted: “I’m all about getting things done to make things better, but this s**t is over the top!

Gosh, we know our Botox obsession is getting out of hand when even Americans reckon it’s OTT.

We saw Americans getting jabbed with Botox and we just had to one-up them.

In a matter of days, all Australians will be Botoxed back up and looking as authentic as our new national mascots: the MAFS contestants.

Don’t worry, he’s not trying to make us all eat gross paleo bliss balls?

In the promo, he lays on the floor bare-chested under one of his magic lamps and it flashes like a strobe light.

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