Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD finale: What happened in the end was an anti-Endgame - Polygon
Aug 13, 2020 1 min, 1 sec
This final season saw the team travel through time, then fight Chronicoms and HYDRA in a new timeline that quickly went off the rails.

note: This contains spoilers for the seventh season of SHIELD, including the two-part finale, “The End is Always at Hand/What We’re Fighting For.”].

As the finale opens, things aren’t looking good for the Agents.

The only hope lies in Leo Fitz, who the Chronicoms and Nathaniel Malick know is capable of stopping their plans, but he’s been MIA all season and Simmons can’t remember where or when he is because she and Enoch repressed all her memories of him.

The good news is that their Chronicom buddy Enoch (RIP) left pieces of a device with various SHIELD agents over the decades, and when assembled together, brings the genius right to his friends.

The Agents know they can’t leave this timeline to suffer, so they do the next best thing: use their ship’s time drive to bring the enemy fleet back with them to 2019 via the Quantum Realm.

With so much time travel and the use of the Quantum Realm, this season feels a lot like Agents of SHIELD’s version of Avengers: Endgame.

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