Mets plot path after Jacob deGrom departure -
Dec 03, 2022 55 secs

At the moment, the Mets’ 2023 rotation looks something like this:.

Reuniting him with Scherzer atop the rotation could give the Mets an even more potent combo than Scherzer and deGrom.

More than that, Verlander likely will be willing to sign a short-term, high-average annual value deal that would not hamstring the Mets for seasons to come.

Verlander always seemed like the Mets’ primary fallback option to deGrom.

Now that deGrom is a Ranger, Verlander could become New York’s top target.

The bad: If Verlander is a massive age risk, Rodón is an equally large injury risk.

And because of his age, Rodón will be seeking a longer-term deal than deGrom or Verlander.

The likelihood: Because the Mets value year-to-year payroll flexibility, Rodón seems a bit less likely than Verlander.

The bad: Untested at the highest levels of the sport, Senga is an unknown quantity when it comes to his ability to retire Major League hitters consistently.

The likelihood: It’s possible the Mets could acquire both Senga and either Verlander or Rodón, depending upon what the contracts look like.



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