Military Missteps Allowed Soldier Accused of Killing Vanessa Guillen to Flee - The New York Times
Apr 30, 2021 1 min, 44 secs
Officials believe that Specialist Aaron Robinson bludgeoned Specialist Vanessa Guillen to death.

Army investigators detained a fellow soldier in the killing of Specialist Vanessa Guillen just hours after her remains were found, but a series of missteps allowed the soldier to flee, then fatally shoot himself, according to an Army report released on Friday that examined what went wrong in the high-profile investigation.

Specialist Guillen, 20, was working at an armory at Fort Hood on April 22, 2020, when, according to a federal complaint, Specialist Aaron Robinson, 20, bludgeoned her with a hammer, removed her body from the post in a large cargo box, and then dismembered and burned her remains.

The Army report released on Friday lays out for the first time the last hours of Specialist Robinson’s life and the missteps that allowed him to escape.

on June 30, hours after workers discovered Specialist Guillen’s remains in a shallow grave capped by cement, an agent from Army Criminal Investigation Command called Specialist Robinson’s unit and said to put the soldier under strict observation.

After a few hours, commanders learned new information that made them concerned Specialist Robinson would try to flee, the report said.

One officer said in a text chain that if he tried to escape, the guards needed to “tackle his ass and call the MPs.” The soldier guarding Specialist Robinson did not get the message, the report said.

In the phone call on Friday, General LeBoeuf said he could not comment on Specialist Robinson’s escape, saying it was part of a criminal investigation.

The report also said that for much of 2019, Specialist Robinson harassed a different soldier through “a clear progression of events, cellphone text solicitations, in-person encroachments, and potential stalking.” No action was taken at the time, and it is unclear from the report when the victim told superiors about the harassment.

She said Army officials had told different stories to the family about how Specialist Robinson escaped, and noted that the soldier managed to pass by guards at the front door of the building and at the gate to Fort Hood

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