Mr. Harrigan’s Phone review: a thriller about the horrors of phone addiction - The Verge
Oct 03, 2022 1 min, 14 secs
Harrigan’s Phone is a horror story all about being addicted to your smartphone.

Harrigan’s Phone (the book and the movie).

Harrigan’s Phone (written and directed by John Lee Hancock) follows the story of a young boy named Craig (Jaeden Martell, probably best-known for another King adaptation, with the modern It movies) who lives with a single dad (Joe Tippett).

The movie starts out in 2003 and then skips forward four years to a time when Craig becomes extremely focused on a particular object of desire: the brand-new just-launched iPhone.

Harrigan’s Phone shifts from a quiet, contemplative story about a friendship that crosses generations to a thriller with possible supernatural elements.

Harrigan’s number and, eventually, it’s almost like the things he asks for from his dead friend start to come true.

Harrigan’s Phone work is how it slowly and steadily builds up its scares.

It’s not a traditional kind of horror filled with lots of ghosts and monsters but instead takes something we all know far too well — the smartphone — and turns it into a potential object of terror.

It’s a short story that fits within the confines of the film’s 100-minute runtime nearly perfectly.

It’s hard to imagine it penetrating the public consciousness like Carrie or It.

Harrigan’s Phone might not terrify you in the moment, but it made me jump the next time I heard my phone ring

Harrigan’s Phone starts streaming on Netflix on October 5th

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