NASA spacecraft will reveal first look at an asteroid, then slam into it - CNN
Sep 24, 2022 1 min, 19 secs
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This scenario sounds like a sci-fi plot, but the NASA Double Asteroid Redirection Test, happening Monday, is a real-life mission.

It aims to be humanity's first attempt at deflecting an asteroid -- without blowing it up, "Armageddon" style.

The spacecraft won't obliterate Dimorphos, the moon orbiting the asteroid Didymos, but it's large enough to leave an impact crater.

The Italian Space Agency's LICIACube will act as DART's photojournalist, following behind the spacecraft and capturing images and video that will show the whole story.


Fossil eggs are providing insight into what life was like for dinosaurs before a massive asteroid strike wiped them out.

Sinogene Biotechnology unveiled the female wolf pup, named Maya, on Monday -- and the Beijing-based company is hoping this method could save other species.

Wildlife conservationists consider the Arctic wolf, like the ones at Harbin Polarland in Harbin, China, pictured above, at low risk of extinction, but the climate crisis and human encroachment could change that.

But some experts warn about the health and ethical concerns of controversial conservation efforts like cloning.

Across the universe

The James Webb Space Telescope's new image of Neptune has showcased the most distant planet in our solar system and its hard-to-detect rings in a fresh light.

Webb also focused its instruments on the blinding light of Mars, one of the brightest objects in our night sky.

Listen to the sounds of space rocks crashing into Mars, as recorded by the lander.

Wild kingdom

Ever wondered what it might be like to experience the world as an animal?

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