New Curiosity Image Reminds Us That Mars Is a Truly Beautiful Place - Gizmodo
Nov 24, 2021 52 secs
A new image captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover and colorized by mission team members is testament to the Red Planet’s aesthetic brilliance.

In a news release, NASA describes it as an “artistic interpretation” created by Curiosity mission team members who were “stunned by the sweeping landscape.” The image is an amalgam of two black-and-white photos taken at different times of the Martian day, providing “contrasting lighting conditions that brought out a variety of landscape details,” according to NASA.

Curiosity has been climbing this mountain for the past seven years, and its view of the Martian landscape only seems to get better the higher it goes.

At the very right of the image is Rafael Navarro Mountain, a rugged, rocky geological feature named after a Curiosity team member who recently passed away.

Hues of orange, blue, and green were then added, allowing the team to “represent the scene as viewed at different times of day,” according to NASA.

Blue represents the morning view, orange the afternoon, and green a combination of the two.

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