NORAD commander warns Canadian officials about the threat posed by hypersonic missiles | CBC News
Dec 01, 2021 2 mins, 16 secs
Glen VanHerck warned top Canadian government and military leaders Tuesday about the threat hypersonic missile technology poses to North American security, saying it's making it "very challenging" for him to carry out his mission.

Visiting Canada for the first time since taking command of the continental defence organization last year, VanHerck gave officials in Ottawa what he called a "candid" risk assessment — one day after Russia said it had successfully tested another of its hypersonic cruise missiles.

"As the commander of NORAD, I think probably the most important mission I do is provide threat warning and attack assessment for both Canada and the United States, for North America," VanHerck told a media roundtable. .

missile defence review is looking into the technology, he said. Canada, meanwhile, is not conducting a similar review and hasn't laid out a clear position on what it would do to defend Canada from hypersonics.

VanHerck said that Canadian officials didn't share any policy decisions with him on Tuesday. He said he gave Defence Minister Anita Anand, Chief of Defence Staff Gen.

Russia said on Monday that it had carried out another successful test launch of its Zircon hypersonic cruise missile.

Navy and Army also tested hypersonic weapon component prototypes last month — on the same day that U.S President Joe Biden said he was concerned about Chinese hypersonic weapons.

VanHerck said Russia is already using hypersonics in the field, while China is not. .

"Russia's the primary military threat to North America," he said.

He said NORAD needs the capability to use artificial intelligence to feed defence officials information about the threat.

secretary of defence to create a framework to move forward, he said.

"These threats include long-range cruise missiles — including hypersonic missiles — for which NORAD is devoting significant attention and resources in order to mitigate the threat they pose," wrote Anand's spokesperson Daniel Minden in a media statement.

Perry said parts of Canada's military, including ships and fighter aircraft, are oriented toward defending Canada from missile strikes.

is leading the world on development of systems to detect, track and destroy hypersonic missiles?

ballistic missile defence effort also means the country continues to opt out of defence arrangements for other missile types, like hypersonic glide vehicles. .

Times have changed, Perry said, and Canada should clarify its position now that there's proof that Russia and China are aggressively modernizing their militaries and pursuing new weapons technology.

James Ferguson, deputy director of the Centre for Defence and Security Studies at the University of Manitoba, said Canada hasn't yet come up with a defensive response to hypersonic weapons.

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