Nov 24, 2020 1 min, 47 secs
Producers Sony Pictures Television — who successfully found a second home for the series when Netflix canceled it after three seasons — plans to shop the Latinx-themed comedy.

The news comes as One Day at a Time had its revived fourth season cut short by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

ViacomCBS-owned niche cable network Pop revived the series for its fourth season but following the end of Schitt's Creek and the decision to drop all of its remaining originals, Pop is now officially out of the scripted business.

CBS All Access initially wanted to revive One Day at a Time for a fourth season but was unable to come to terms given the Netflix limitations.

It then landed at Pop and, following a first-of-its-kind deal, became the first Netflix-canceled original series to land at a new home.

(Since then, animated comedy Tuca and Bertie — canceled a year ago at Netflix — was revived for a second season at WarnerMedia-owned Adult Swim.) Netflix would have had to have signed off on One Day at a Time's accelerated move to a rival streamer.

The One Day at a Time animated special, which aired June 16 following a season four marathon, was the last installment of the series to air on Pop.

The series launched its fourth season to 607,000 total same-day viewers, with 457,000 on TV Land (which is in about 15 million more homes than Pop).

CBS, which has had success with multicamera comedies and was the home of the original One Day at a Time, had a second window for season four and aired those episodes earlier this year to middling returns.

The studio remains fiercely protective of One Day at a Time and, per sources, called executives at ViacomCBS to clarify the future of the series on Pop following the conglomerate's decision to pull the plug on the rest of the cabler's scripted lineup.

In March, ViacomCBS canceled three previously renewed originals — Florida Girls, Flack and Best Intentions — leaving only the remaining episodes of the final season of Schitt's Creek and One Day at a Time.

Sony, it's worth noting, sold Cobra Kai to Netflix after its original home, YouTube, retreated from scripted originals

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