Overwatch 2 Was Barely Playable Last Night, But At Least The Memes Were Dank - Kotaku
Oct 05, 2022 1 min, 42 secs

I was prepared to write up my own impressions of Overwatch 2, but last night, I too suffered from the log-in errors and was only able to squeeze in five matches before getting kicked back into the queue.

Queue status: 40,000 players ahead of me.

Emotional vibe check: Perturbed.

The irony was not lost on me that, despite the Overwatch team professing that OW2 isn’t just a glorified update to OW1, I was literally sitting at my Xbox watching the loading screen of OW1 receive an update called “Overwatch 2.” As annoying as all that was, I also couldn’t help but feel nostalgic about my bizarro journey with this game?

Suffice it to say that last night Overwatch 2 quickly became a meme as I and countless others waited to finally be let in to play the game.

Queue status: 20,000 players ahead of me.

Queue status: 40,000 players ahead of me (again).

Queue status: 20 people ahead of me.

Emotional vibe check: WE MOVE.

Much like the Creation of Adam, Junkrat’s grubby fingers touched my own through the Xbox controller and I was greeted with a gratuitous slow-motion shot of Genji’s new epic skin, attempting to entice me into giving this game more money than I already had by buying loot boxes in Summer Games past.

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I found this update to the game to be a welcome change in making characters across the board feel more durable in lieu of reintegrating OW1’s dreaded barrier meta

Sharing my PotG clip to the interwebs to let the people know I’m “that guy” came to bite me in the ass because by the time I returned to the game OW2’s servers had decided to log me off and banish me back to the login queue shadow realm with the rest of you plebs

Queue status: 400 people ahead of me

Emotional vibe check: Sleepy

Y’all were in full force last night and made me remember why I love playing this cursed game in the first place



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